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Wireless call system installation guide and notices

1. Firstly, we shall understand the staff’s position and the layout of division of labor in the service process; the receiver is installed on the reception desk where attendants gather or the stairs entrance or corridors in business hall where it is easier to collect the sights.
2. If the store is of hierarchical management, it is better for every floors to be installed a receiver so as to facilitate the attendant to see the customer call information on their floor.
3.The layout of store directly affect the installation location and number of the receiver:
● Flexural and dispersive arrangement: If the business area is small, then the receiver is installed in the reception desk; such as business area (greater than 100 meters away from the receiver),   shall  considered the installation of more than one receiver, so that room at different directions is be managed separately and adjust the staff station subsequently to achieve service quickness.
● Linear symmetrical arrangement: the receiver will generally be placed in the reception desk or corridor walls of each floor;
● Both linear and flexural distribution: generally, the room of linear distribution is installed a receiver on the corridor walls separately; while other places with more corners, then consider adjusting the waiter's station, a receiver will be placed in the region of more dense room and after the service personnel as this region see call information, in a timely inform the service personnel at other stations in time for customer service. Service personnel with mobile-type receiver host can also be considered to receive    call signal anywhere and provide the timely service.
4. The store's business area impacts directly the installation number of the receivers:
● Layered area is more than 3,000 square meters, the service personnel generally in reception desk on the first floor or near to the reception desk, considering to only installing a receiver in the reception desk.
●Layered area is 3,000 square meters, the service personnel is managed separately, considering installing a receiver for each floor.
● Layered area is more than 5,000 square meters, and the floor’s east and west or north-south distance is over 150 meters, according to a wall blocking nature, consider to install one or more receivers.
● Layered area is over 5,000 square meters, but is a business hall-style without partition, as long as the straight-line distance between the receive and all pages does not exceed 150 meters, then  to  install a receiver; If you consider the sight distance, two receivers can be installed, so that staff can clearly see display of the call number.
● Layered area is too large, the distance from east to west and north to south is beyond 200 meters; consider installing more than one receiver or installing signal booster.
II. The objective factors to impact receiving distance  
1. The customer places where installed a large mechanical and electrical equipment or the power total control device, when installation as far away from the this interference body;  
2. The customer places where there is a large pool or seafood workshops, etc., when installation as far as possible away from the humid area;
 3. The customer places where equipped with a large-scale heating devices (such as fuel heaters), when installing as far as possible away from such devices;
4. There are more reinforced concrete columns indoor, that will impact the receiving distance to a certain extent;
5. the customer has used  other wireless products, such as wireless radio, wireless order  (FM section of such products can be adjusted, our product spectrum is 433.92, as long as these products away from our band frequency, the signal will be improved);
6. The hospital is equipped with large ultrasonic equipment; do not install these products nearby.
III. Testing Calling and Receiving Effect
1. The receiver placed in the selected location, opening up the receiver antenna to a 45 degree angle pointing to the direction of pagers. Adjusting the wait time length of digital display according to the customer requirements (see instructions)
2. Three or more different pager numbers were set up (see manual- setting method), making test to the farthest receiving distance;
3. If the receiving effect is poor or unstable, changing receiver position and test again until you find the best receiving position.
4. When two persons making test together, one pressing several  pager of different numbers by one-time sequentially, the other one writing down  the number display case , to  select the  pagers that  it is the most stable to  send  and receive signal  information for  installation in  the further room or desk table.
5. Repeating the test as described above for the other receiving direction
IV.  Installation Procedures:
1. Plug in the power transformer, firstly, switching on the host power adapter     (careful not to use wet hands) until the red light is on and turn on  the host,   then turn on the switch properly.
2. Check the receiver's starting music is normal.
3.  Mounting the receiver in the selected location, the receiver antenna to start a 45 degree angle pointing to the direction of pagers.
4. Digital display needs to be adjusted according to the customer waiting time (refer to instructions).
5. The number of voices needs to be adjusted according to the number of customers (see instructions).
6. Pager numbers will be changed into customer acceptance number based on customer needs. (For adjusted into a special number, refer to instructions). As registration, the both should maintain certain distance, preferably over 30 cm apart; and others not to press pager. If individual registration number not registered on when more numbers are registered at one time is normal, just re-registration again; if the registration number is wrong, should first delete the original error number, and then register a new number.
7. Test before you install the pager, finding the best place before the installation.   Directly installing with adhesive tape that a pager brings with, you can also use the nail to fix it in proper place. Note that the indicator of page is aligned in the direction of receivers as far as possible to enhance the receiving effect and sensitivity.
8. And then to install all of the pagers in proper order.
9. And finally re-tested the receiving effect of installed pagers again.   
10. Directing customer how to use the instructions.
V. Please note the following as installation
1. Please contact the after- sale department of manufacturer, do not to disassemble the product yourself so as to avoid unnecessary trouble when you found the product is abnormal.
2. The selected configurations of our company’s products are optimum,   based on product performance. It is recommended to use original accessories (such as power adapter, batteries). In addition, the key of APE560 pagers should be kept properly that will be used as installing the pager.
3. Please avoid frequently turning on or off power supply, likely causing components damage or product short-circuit in use.
4. The pager can not come directly into contact with the metal base.
5. It is better that pager is attached to the smooth surface as possible, easy fall off from rough surface (such as wallpaper).
6. Please pay attention to moisture protection. Damp place is easy to cause the circuit oxidation.
7. The receiving distance will be different between the rainy and sunny days.
8. If you want to change the pager’s position after installation, firstly using alcohol to infiltrate the tape, then slowly take it down.
9. Check regularly if the product’s electric quantity is adequate in the service so as not to affect the use effect. Pager's battery lifespan is generally 8-12 months, change the batteries in time as director is of micro-lights (director in the dim light within the normal period  is not entirely due to the low power, that  should be timely to call the manufacturer after-sales department to resolve).

Cost-performance ratio of Singcall wireless pager

As an international brand, "Singcall"  its main advantages are as the following:
1, Cost-performance ratio
All products in the domestic brand, Singcall’s price / performance is highest, and its greatest feature is of stability, then  a variety of functions and best price. Ten years of research and development, production and sales process it has accumulated rich experience, "Singcall " product’s  stability expresses there is  almost no failure within 5 years  to eliminate the dealer’s worries behind.
 2 . Pager:
 Its largest feature is with a waterproof base (reference APE560 picture), this function is firstly developed into the market by Singcall, is No, 1 of the industry. Its main feature is that:  not to need peel off the double sided tape as the battery replacement or repair, It can be opened with special keys. All domestic pager must be peeled off double sided tape as repair or replace the battery, so it is very easy to damage the desktop.
The second feature is a power-saving function, this technology is currently only mastered by "Singcall". Specifically, that is, when the user presses the pager, the "Singcalll" pager just needs 0.1 second  for signal emission, after signal is sent out, at the same time the pager  enters power-down mode, no matter how long the user presses the pager. So the same type of battery life is longer 3 times than the one of similar product, and  only  does the "Singcall “ use   the current and best quality ,as well as  the most expensive "Songbo""Nanfu" batteries. Apart from individual battery is faulty; the battery life of "Singcall" pager is generally more than 1 year.
 The third feature is the "Singcall" encoding using the most advanced Manchester method, the error rate of method is one ten-millionth , that is "Singcall" product there is absolutely no messy code, error code  to happen.  Most domestic products use software encoding, this approach is of relatively high error rate, low cost, so there are always error code and messy code, etc., In some case of no one pressing pager,  receivers display errors.
3.    Receiver:
Its biggest feature has 12 polyphonic music; pagers can be set to different music prompt in different way. For example, a restaurant is divided into several regions, managed by different staff, "Singcall" can achieved each region with   the different music prompt way. After service personnel is familiar with their music prompt way,  they can know if the call is from their region without necessarily seeing the screen to avoid accidentally knocked down customers in serving. Currently only the "Singcall" has this feature, all domestic products have 3 music prompts, which can not be distinguish between regions,  the  service personnel must see the call number on the screen ,then   know whether their own region call after they hear the music prompt. .
The second characteristic makes use of rolling, cycle, synchronization, automatic, manually removing number and other display. What scrolling way is that the call number will scroll across the screen every second, such as a call 1,2,3 tables has a call early or late, the screen will display 1,2,3  every  second until the setting time displays . Most domestic products are used waiting way, that is the back numbers can be seen after the current call must be deleted by remote control. So if the service personnel forget the elimination of numbers, can not see the back number and delayed services, customer dissatisfaction was caused by the situation everywhere. The so-called synchronous display is, no matter what the receiver is in the state, as long as the customer pressing pager, the receiver simultaneously displays the call number. Because most of the domestic product is waiting way, if you do not remove the current call number to impossibly see the back call number and the numbers for wait without any prompting, that said, the attendants have to often observe the receiver if there is the call number for wait. The so-called automatic cancellation way is that the call number on the screen stay time can be set at the receiver, such as from 01 second to 99 seconds, and an unlimited stay time. Exceeding the setting time, the call number on the screen will be eliminated automatically, reducing a lot of unnecessary work of service personnel.
4, housing diversity:
     "Singcall " the diversity of housing  in the industry is incomparable, currently has 10 kinds of specially designed opening mold housing, which are all designed and developed by  South Korean professional design and development company, the delicacy, aesthetics and novelty has become the industry standard, many domestic manufacturers imitate the "Singcalll " shape, but its essence can not be simulated.
Example: APE700 classic ultra-thin fling saucer pagers, is the only a stylish, ultra-thin products, the thickness of only 0.85cm. Not only meeting customer demand for smaller products, but also meeting an delicate appearance requirement .of the elegant place
5. The diversity of product categories:
     The case of each target industrial customers is different, with needs of different functions. Most of the domestic manufacturers do not distinguish their industry, the products are suitable for restaurant use, and they can also meet the hospital's requirements?  Meet the plant requirements? Certainly cannot. In China, only domestic "Singcall” has the professional products with different functions and different appearance for different industries.
6, The compatibility of a variety of products
Compatibility of most domestic products is very poor, such as a pager is only used with a certain receiver, not be used with other type, that will increase virtually the inventory burden, and the future sale service is also a big problem. All "Singcall " products can be compatible,  any kind configuration can meet customer demand. Any one of our pagers can be used with different models of hosts.
II.Excellent after-sale, perfect service
For electronic products, the after-sale service is very important in addition to stylish, . Because this can determine you will cooperate with which manufacturers of wireless pager. A good manufacturer will be responsible for their products and markets.
Even as the internationally renowned computer brand X, mobile phones brand, home appliances brand, these representatives of the electronic product’s manufacturers of international brands do not keep  their  promises that they bear all round freights within  warranty period. If there are some failures with the products, the customers have to bring their own items to the designated repair point for maintenance, if you need technical personnel for site services, you have to pay the site service fees  , but they can not guarantee absolutely the problem of your items will be able to be solved
No matter what industry in domestic electronics market, in addition to "Singcall ", there is no one brand manufacturer within the warranty period to bear the entire freight.
Only good quality as backing, can there be such a commitment to quality. After market survey, customers are satisfied absolutely to after-sales commitment of the Singcall manufacturer. Now the most popular word in the wireless pager industry is “not only for the pager price, but for perfect quality and after-sale service" Other brands don’t dare make so commitment. The above commitment has been with Singcall products into the industry for 7 years.
III. The details determine the success or failure
Singcall products consist of a lot of small guard fittings that you can not see, such as receiving host power adapter, the power adapters of other manufacturers generally is only 1.5 meters in length, the adapter’s length that customer needs determines the installation place of the power adapter, if you want to install the host on the wall, 1.5 meters power adapter in the length is not enough.  
The Singcall manufacturer employs a 3 meters long power adapter recognized  nationally with  3C certification, the length of power adapter produced by other manufacturers is not  3 meters long, the Singcall manufacturer takes into account the different requirements of customers based on customer usage, and the power adapter is specially  processed as  3 meters long. So you can choose the installation location you want without warring about the length of the adapter.
Pager manufacturers generally take advantage of customer psychology to purchase products, sales pagers are not with the battery, and they promise to give customers low prices, in price war. Because of their structure and quality of the product determines the service length of the battery so they can not make any to the battery.  Every type of Singcall’s wireless pager is equipped with batteries, but the price as sales, but the price is not increased, still keeping the original price. We can give your price not including the battery, and some manufacturers in the bargain will send you the free battery. But the Singcall did not, we do the brand, we are concerned about every little detail. This may be just a small problem is that no one pays attention to, but we are always of concern the small details like this.
This is why we can be a leader in the wireless pager industry!.


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